A fast and accurate measuring tool for both diagnosis and repair.

With Allvis you measure the damage using data from our vehicle database in both height, length and width. The easy-to-use measuring arm with its self-centered magnetic mount makes it possible to get full control of the vehicle deformation in a short time, regardless of whether the car is mounted on a bench or on the lift.

Short start-up time

No long start-up times, you can start working right away.


Easily save documentation of the measurement operation.

Unique magnetic mount

Allvis unique magnetic mounts make it possible to measure with only one person.

Flexible placement

Use Allvis where it suits best - on the bench or on the lift.

Vehicle database

Continuous updating of new models in the database.

Closeup on the Allvis display. The display have three buttons; On/0, arrow and Hold.
Screenshot of the Allvis software.


In the subscription-based software, fill in the values from the measuring arm. The program then compares with the selected model in the database and this way you always get the correct metrics.

The program is regularly updated with new vehicle models and with the ability to save reports, traceability at work is increased.

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