Important information from JNE AB Sweden

During the years JNE has developed many different products.
We work with regular development and this also means that certain products expire.
We hereby inform you that our Bor-On (Autobody analyser) is not available in our product range from now on.
One factor is also that our main supplier can’t deliver the pen anymore.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Allvis och Allvis Light - Software update 2013-04-05

There is a new update for the Allvis and Allvis Light software with several major improvements. It includes several new functions to reduce the time you need to spend at the computer, and at the same time it will give you a better structure of your work orders.

Download the update

  1. Go to and click on Login.
  2. Type in the username and password as you received with your software and click on Enter.
  3. Click on Download update.
  4. Click on the link for the update (currently called UPDATE 05/April/2013)

Settings for Region and Language

Earlier versions of the software changed the computer settings for Region and Language, this caused problems for some other programs. After installing the new update, the software will still change the settings when you open up the software, but they will be changed back when you close the software.

New Structure

As before, your orders will be devided into Before Repair and After Repair. Now they will also be divided into Measuring Reports.

When you create a new measuring report, the first thing to do is to choose Zero Point, Magnet and Extension. If you are using the Allvis software, you will also need to choose Engine In/Out and perform the Calibration. When you are finished with the aforementioned selections, you will be able to select your first Measuring Point. You can select up to 6 different measuring points on each measuring report. When you are done with you measurements, click on Print. You will see all your measurements divided into different pages.

Allvis software

Print current page

The new update includes a button that makes it possible to print current page (see the red mark).

The function might be useful if the computer is far from the vehicle that needs to be measured. For those with the Allvis software, this function might also be used to print out the calibration page.

Allvis software


Use the arrows to move between the pages (see the red mark).

The first page contains information about the order. Page 2 and forward contains your measurements, two measurements on each page.

  • Set printer: Change settings for the printer.
  • Save report: Save the measuring report on your computer.
  • Import: Import saved report from current order.
  • Graphic Printout: Print out the entire report.
  • Print this page: Print out current page.
Allvis software

A tip if the computer is far from the vehicle

  1. Select your measuring points.
  2. Print out your measuring report.
  3. Measure the car and fill in measured data on the paper.
  4. Fill in the measured data from the paper to the software.
  5. Save the report and print out the report if needed.
Allvis software

Load order

If you click on the "Load Order" button where you create new orders, there will be a new button called Print (see the red mark).

As usual, you can load an earlier order to make new measurements.

Allvis software

Print out measuring reports from earlier order

Your measuring reports are divided in:

  • Before/After Repair
  • Measuring report
  • Pages

You can either print all pages (Print All) or print out current page (Print).

Allvis software