Allvis measuring system are based on new technologies both in hardware and software. The effective measuring device, in combination with a flexible and easy program, gives you a cost-effective measuring system of world class.

Allvis measuring system provides all the capabilities and features as Allvis Light. Moreover, you can also measure and document the chassis heights, which means all the three dimensions.

Now, the metal workshops finally got the chance to work professionally to both insurance companies and customers by providing documentation of all completed chassis repairs.


  • Short start-up time
  • Simple and quick measurement of the vehicle
  • Documents the measurement operation by printing.
  • Ability to save documents on your computer.
  • Continuous update of new models in the database.
  • Works where it suits you best, on the rack or lift.
  • Measurement reports are easy to understand.
  • The program does not require Internet access, the database is stored locally on your computer.
  • Unique and patented magnetic attachment allows the measurement is carried out by only one person.

Allvis interactive demo

Try out Allvis software.
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Allvis software

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Video instruction

Video introduction to the versatility of the Allvis measuring system.

Allvis - Specifications

Allvis Digital measuring Systems are complete with its measuring Adaptors level rods and accessories are delivered in a heavy duty storage case, which guarantee the long lifespan of the product. Included in the storage case is also Allvis Software, access code to the vehicle database and instruction manuals.

Measuring range
Allvis M2P Magnet to point
Setup for measuring the chassi (900mm - 2665mm).
Allvis P2P Point to point
Setup primarily used to measure the upper body ex. "Under hood measurement" (400mm - 2150mm).
Allvis Height Height
Range of height adapter (20mm - 845mm).
Allvis spirit level Spirit level
The spirit level's displacement when the measuring tool is extracted to 1000mm (0.4mm / 1000mm).

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