TECH-M is a unique combination of web based software and the smartest mechanical measuring tool on the planet. A new way of measuring...

Web based software

Full 365/24/7 access to a unique web based software that gives you fast analyze of the car frame. Save, print out or email the report for accurate documentation. The easiest way to see the status for the car body.

Mechanical measuring tool

A perfect tool for diagnosis, repair and quality control. Works where it fits best, on the frame rack, straightening bench, lift or floor system. Light weight measuring arm with an easy to read printed scale.

TECH-M works everywhere - on the lift, bench and rack

TECH on-the-rack

TECH on-the-lift

TECH on-the-bench

TECH-M Software Advantages

  • Automatic calculation for length and cross measuring.
  • Comparative measurement or option to insert values from the car manufacturer for accurate measurement.
  • Performs pre & post documentation as printout and/or electronic file, measured documenta tion or electronic file, gives traceability. Option to email the report.
  • Supports all major web browsers ( IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari).
  • Requires no software installation, except Acrobat Reader (Free from

TECH-M Tool Advantages

  • Quick and easy measuring of point-to-point values
    (length, symmetry & cross check)
  • Built-in spirit level allows you to compare measurement of height anomalies.
  • Quick and easy measurement of point to point “P2P” dimensions (length, symmetry and cross) of the vehicle.
  • Unique patented magnetic mount allows the measuring to be carried out by only one person.

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