The Company

JNE AB is today one of the leading international companies in the market of universal measuring systems for the collision repair industry and has a strong global position in confidence of our products.

This we have achieved through our highly skilled research and development team and partners.

Our philosophy is to offer simple easy to use superior products which will in turn give the collision repair industry increased productivity and profitability. JNE is dedicated manufacturing partner to the collision repair industry.


  • JNE Exterior JNE AB production facility
  • Founded in 1993 by the current owner Håkan Johansson
  • End user sales are worth approximately 40 MSEK of measuring and repair products for the collision repair business.
  • Employees: 3
  • The company engineers and manufactures products for the collision repair industry and OEM solutions for car manufacturers.
  • Product line: Allvis measuring system, Allvis Light measuring tool, Upperbody Laser measuring system, Monocross measuring tool, Hingemaster etc.
  • Domestic sales through own sales organization and via a network of distributors and Partners
  • Export sales (direct) to the following countries: USA, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Switzerland, Germany, China, Taiwan, Russia, Spain and Malaysia.
  • Indirect export sales via partners to approximately 60 countries.